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As an ooVoo user, you'll be able to experience video conversations with your friends, family and colleagues using state-of-the-art audio and video technology. Plus, record and send video messages, send files, use instant messages, and more.

This getting started guide reviews some of the great things you can do with ooVoo. Welcome aboard!

Create your free ooVoo account
After installing ooVoo, the Create a new ooVoo account window appears.
Choose an ooVoo ID and password.
Enter your e-mail address.
You can check your webcam by clicking File Test my webcam.
You can test your microphone and speakers by clicking File > Settings > Audio Devices.
Build your Contact List  
Search for your friends by their name, e-mail address or ooVoo ID.
Select which user(s) to add to your Contact List and click  
ooVoo sends the user(s) a request to be in contact with you. When a user accepts your request, you will be able to see when your new contact is online.
Invite your friends  
If you like ooVoo, you can invite other people to become ooVoo users. Start by clicking Contacts > Invite your friends.
There are two ways to enter e-mail addresses:
Enter an e-mail address and click  
Click    and select e-mail contacts from your Microsoft® Outlook? address book.
Click  . Each contact receives an e-mail with a link to download ooVoo along with a request to be in contact with you.
Import and manage contacts  
Select Contacts > Import contacts to search your personal address books for other ooVoo users.
Check which ooVoo users you want to add to your Contacts List.
Start or participate in video conversations  
Select a user from your Contact List and click  
to start a video conversation (or simply double-click on the contact).
When you receive a call, you will hear a ring. You may choose to accept the call, reject it or chat with the caller.

Other features:

   Invite another user:
to invite other ooVoo users to join your ongoing conversation.

Stop sending video:
to stop sending your video. Your display picture will be shown instead.

Mute microphone:
to prevent other participants from hearing you.
Record and send video messages  
Select a user(s) from your Contact List and click   
You can click   
to include more ooVoo contacts or click  
to add people who don't have an ooVoo account.
to start recording your video message.
to stop recording.
if you would like to preview the message.
If desired, you can add a subject for the message in the text box.
to send the message to all participants.
Receive and play back video messages  
When you receive a video message, an alert pops up. Click on the link to open the message.
If you were offline when the message was sent and missed the alert, the   
will show how many new video messages are in your Received Messages folder. Click   
to view the list of received messages. Select the desired message from the list and click Open.
Click    to open the message.

Other features:
   In addition to playing a message, you can reply to it and forward it to others.
Chat with text  
Select an ooVoo user from your Contact List and click  
to start chatting.
Click    to invite other ooVoo users to join the chat.
Send files  
Right-click on a contact(s) and select     Send files. A standard file selection window appears.
Select the file(s) and click Open.
Receive files  
When you receive a file, an alert pops up. Click Download to download the file.
Once the file has been downloaded, click Open to view it.
If you miss the popup alert(s), the    will shows how many new files are in your Received Files folder.
Click    to view the list of received files and then select a file to download.
Manage your "Favorites"  
Right-click an ooVoo contact and click     Add to favorites to designate the contact as a "favorite." A star will appear next to your favorite contacts.
Click     to switch to the Favorites bar.
All of your favorite contacts appear on the right side of the screen. If you don't designate any favorites, ooVoo automatically lists the people you call the most.
Right-click on a favorite to start a video conversation, start a chat session, send a video message, etc.
If you close the Favorites bar, you may reopen it by moving your cursor to the far right side of the screen.
Click     to return to full application mode.
Add a personalized ooVoo link  
Go to Your ooVoo Link.
Enter your ooVoo user name.
Copy the HTML code and paste it into your blog, e-mail signature or website.
Other ooVoo users can click on your video link to call you or send you a video message.
We hope you enjoy your experience as an ooVoo user.
If you have any questions or would like to send feedback/suggestions, please visit