Get a new ooVoo account

When installing ooVoo, the 'Create a new ooVoo account' window opens automatically to choose an ooVoo ID, password and to enter other details.

You can sign into your account on different computers (as long as ooVoo is installed). Please note that if you download files or receive video messages, they will be saved to the currently used computer disk.


To create a new ooVoo account:

  1. From the ooVoo sign in page, make sure that 'ooVoo' appears in the 'sign in to' field and click 'Get a new ooVoo account'. The 'Create a new ooVoo account' window appears.
  2. Try to think of an ID which is easy to remember and enter it in the 'ooVoo ID' field.
    The ID can contain letters (uppercase and lowercase) and numbers. It can also contain dots (.), dashes (-) and underlines (_), but the ID must start with a letter or number and cannot include spaces.
  3. Choose a password and enter it in the 'Password' field. The password cannot include spaces. Enter the password again in the 'Confirm password' field.
  4. Enter your e-mail address in the 'E-mail' field.
    It's important to enter a correct e-mail address which is frequently used in order to retrieve your password if you forget it.
  5. Check the 'Yes, I accept the terms of the ooVoo End User License Agreement' option in order to create an account (click on a link to read the agreement).
  6. Click Create. A window appears to add optional information.
  7. It's recommended to enter a display name in the 'Display name' field (you can use any characters or symbols). To include a display photo, click Add photo and select 'From file' to select a saved picture or 'From webcam' to take a new picture. For more information, see Change my display photo.
  8. If you would like to find your friends to join ooVoo, click Find your friends (you can also do this after creating your account).
  9. Click Next. A window appears to add additional information. Some of the information can be used by others to search for you. This information can also be entered or updated at a later time by editing your card.
  10. Click Next. If you want to allow your contacts to be able to view your telephone number(s), and call you from ooVoo, then enter your telephone numbers in the phone fields.
    Your phone numbers will not be displayed to everyone who finds your card and will only be displayed to your contacts.
  11. You can check your interests which can be used by others when searching for your card.
    If desired, enter other interests in the optional text field. This text will go into a database to help us determine which interests should be added to the list.
  12. Click Next. Select the desired privacy option for people who will search for your card in the 'Search profile' area.
  13. If you heard about ooVoo from an ooVoo user, please enter his/her ooVoo ID in the field. After creating your account, you will be prompted to add him/her to your contact list.
  14. Click Finish. You will be automatically signed into ooVoo.


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