Why make a phone call when you can have an ooVoo
video call? See and hear the people you are talking to
– with amazing, high-quality video. Trust us, it’s better.
  • Talk for free with up to three people, or upgrade to
    ooVoo SUPER to talk with up to six people at a time
    (visit ooVoo Options to learn more).
  • Smooth video displayed in 3D with clear sound.
  • No one answering your call? Leave a voice,
    video or text message.
  • Send files and text messages during the video
  • Adjust/Mute microphone, speakers or camera.
  • Choose your ringtone.
  • View call history (missed calls, incoming calls, etc.).
  • Find out how to add video effects to your video call. More
Learn about ooVoo Options >>
(ooVoo options are available for Windows only)